First home buyers

Jason and Di were almost ready to give up on purchasing their first home after being told by their own bank that they wouldn’t be eligible in the near future because of inadequate savings history. Within 10 days, their loan was fully approved, and they are now proud owners of a fantastic Queenslander. Here is what they had to say:

“ How much easier things can be if you use Trigon to help you do the home loan for your first home. They helped us to fill in all of the forms correctly, and explained how the home loan works in great detail.

This was the first time that we applied for any finance except for Jason’s credit card, and we were worried that we might not understand what we need to do, but with Trigon they helped us with all of this. They made things simple. No fancy jargon, but simple, easy to understand advice.

Make sure if you are looking to buy your first home, you talk to Trigon because they really are the specialists for first home buyers.”

– Jason Wright and Di Eldridge, QLD