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The use of the words unique, new and exciting, different has been somewhat overdone in recent times. New broker groups, aggregators groups and a miss match of risk, financial planning and finance appears to be the path to success or so we are told.

The reality is very different indeed. Part of the problem stems from the fact that no industry player has effectively combined all aspects. Furthermore brokers continue to add to the capital value of the aggregator or brokerage and when the aggregator completes an IPO, is acquired or merges the brokers who were largely responsible for growth and success of the aggregator or brokerage are left wondering what happened despite what was promised. “Oh yeah when we list, when we sell, when we complete the merger”. All wonderful rhetoric but apparently worth little when it comes to distribution of the proceeds on sale.

At Trigon Financial you become a performance based shareholder (real equity), you own your trails, and you participate in profit distributions. Your interests and our interests are aligned and we are very committed to assisting you grow your business right down to recruiting and training new brokers to the industry.

Our brokers consistently exceed industry averages when it comes to income and product diversification of income.

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