Investing in property can be an exciting proposition as you begin to build your portfolio. All too often, finance becomes a tangled web of loans and related properties as you try to squeeze as much equity as your existing property to buy the next.

At Trigon, we can help to structuring things from day one in a way that keeps your structure clean, and makes it easier to manage from an accounting perspective.

We will also show you that loan structure can make a big difference in terms of future tax deductions on your loans, and may save you many thousands of dollars.

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Increase your borrowing capacity

Sooner or later, every property investor reaches a point where their bank will no longer allow the purchase of new properties because maximum borrowing capacity has been reached. What many people don’t realise though, is that different banks have very different thresholds, and this comes down to individual circumstances, like how many children, how much rental income, do you work overtime etc. Only a broker with a broad range of lenders can help you to identify the one that is going to be the most supportive in building your property portfolio. Talk to Trigon today to find out more about property investment finance.