First home buyers

If you are a first home buyer, finding the right home can be stressful enough, without the added confusion of choosing the right home loan. Fixed or variable loans, professional packages, offset accounts… there are so many different options.

At Trigon we will help you to understand the important aspects in plain English. We don’t bombard you with too many choices, or confuse you by trying to show off how much we know!

We will also be with you throughout the process, and help with everything from the first home owners grant and the government concessions for first time buyers, right through to structuring the loan for your future needs.

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What paperwork do I need?

We will provide all of the forms for the application and first home grant.

You will need to show identification, evidence of income, savings and possibly statements from personal loans and credit cards. For more information, see Your First Appointment.

For your first home, one of the things that most lenders require is evidence of genuine savings. This consists of six months statements showing that you have held accumulated 5% of the purchase price. For more information, see our Genuine Savings Information Sheet

Don’t worry if you can’t show 5%. Some lenders require less, and others will let you skip this requirement if you have parents that will act as guarantor on the loan.

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