Building or renovating

Construction finance can become a headache for the client. You frequently become the middle man trying to communicate between the builder, the bank, and the solicitor. This can become cumbersome – particularly since construction can sometimes drag out over six months or more.

When you deal with a Trigon broker, things are different. We communicate between the involved parties right throughout the process, making sure that things run smoothly and everybody is updated.

Renovating for Growth

Renovating your property can be one way to improve its value, and add equity.

Many people don’t realise that this “proposed” increase in equity can be taken into account when applying for finance to undertake the work. This means that it may be possible to obtain a renovation loan even if you don’t have a large amount of equity to start with.

The way this works is to obtain a fixed price builders quote that is provided to the valuer who performs a ‘tentative on completion’ (TOC) valuation.

Not only can we explain this process, but we can use the opportunity to see if you can save money by switching to a cheaper product or lender.

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