Who we are

Trigon – a triangle – from the Greek trigonon meaning “three-cornered”.

At Trigon we emphasise the three cornered nature of our business – being the connection between the borrower the finance broker and the lender.

Trigon Financial is a new age finance broking group with a focus on broker development and business mentoring. Trigon offers their brokers;

  • Pre-Appointment Training – if you are new to the mortgage broking industry, we will train and mentor you whilst you maintain your current job to determine if this is the right career move
  • We do not charge a franchise or any other fee to become a Trigon Broker
  • Cashflow assistance until you get on your feet
  • Access to established client base
  • Equity and profit share participation in Trigon
  • Very attractive commission structure both on upfronts and trails
  • You own your clients – if you wish to leave Trigon, you can take your trails with you
  • Hands on sales/business management
  • Hands on business mentoring
  • Outsourced loan submission and processing
  • Train and work with you to gain new business
  • Work with you to retain existing business
  • Work with you to generate leads from existing client base
  • Assist you to diversify your service offering to clients

Resulting in Trigon brokers writing more business generating more income, retaining more existing business, increasing value in their business which provides future merger and acquisition opportunities and creates equity succession plan.

The principals of Trigon have a wealth of business mentoring, sales management and sales experience across many industries and also in several countries.



Alan Rich is a highly experienced strategist, business manager and executive motivator with a wealth of business knowledge and legal experience. Alan’s driving force is his ability and commitment to help people and businesses grow and develop – by turning their vision into reality.

Alan’s primary objective is success – built around positive planning and implementation – success with integrity. Success in life involves a healthy balance of work, play, family and beliefs. Alan recognises that many people live in a world of under-achievement and therefore under –contentment. Alan can break that cycle and get individuals and businesses back onto the success trail.

A highly experienced strategist, executive motivator and business manager, Alan commenced his career as a lawyer, becoming a Partner and then Managing Partner at one of Australia’s pre-eminent law firms. Alan’s practice initially had a particular emphasis on business advice to small and medium businesses; it then expanded to include large and government businesses. In this latter sphere Alan’s advice was sought particularly in respect of corporatisation and privatisation of government business. Actively involved in various mergers between his firm and other law firms, Alan was involved closely in the management, strategic direction and growth of his law firm.

Alan then turned to the funds management and financial services world, joining Australia’s largest independently owned funds management business as CEO. In Alan’s 6-year reign as CEO the funds under management grew from $900 million to $3.5 billion. As CEO Alan had a passion to help people grow, personally and professionally. His role affected all facets of the business from HR and compliance, to sales and marketing in an Australian-wide business, which, during Alan’s tenure, expanded through joint ventures in Australia and into the UK and South Africa.

To supplement his practical experience in mentoring and coaching executives Alan undertook study and was awarded a Full Accreditation in Executive Coaching from the Australian Institute of Executive Coaching, one of Australia’s leading executive coaching training and education groups.

Alan’s mentoring philosophy:

“I get great satisfaction out of seeing people and businesses succeed…”